Host of Vegas 24 Gets Kidnapped by YouTube Celebrity

Host Roberto Raad of’s hit show Vegas 24 has been kidnapped and tortured by YouTube sensation Ryan Higa. His current whereabouts are unknown, but sources indicate that Roberto is slated to race against Higa at Vegas hot spot Exotics Racing. Moreover, if Roberto does not win the race, he is to be executed by Higa’s goons on the track. Pertaining to the fiasco, Las Vegas Metro has released the following statement:

“Kidnapping is one of the most heinous crimes an individual can commit in our beloved city, but it is the belief of the Las Vegas Police Department that Roberto’s misfortune makes for a great episode of Vegas 24. Thus, we have decided to let this situation resolve itself because let’s face it, he needs the publicity.”

Roberto Raad gets tortured by Higa’s goons.

Ryan Higa and two of his ladies laugh at Roberto’s dismay.

Exotics Racing showcases a multitude of foreign cars, allowing customers to drive them as fast as they can.