Vegas is Tops in More Ways than One

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If you’re a frequent visitor to Vegas, you probably have noticed the ever-increasing number of pool clubs in our mega resorts. These pools offer all the amenities you can get inside the resorts themselves – drinks, food, DJs, comfortable seating, gambling, and some times a little more (or less as the case may be). Some Las Vegas pools offer the option to go topless. Dubbed “European-style sunbathing,” going topless has become accepted at a number of Vegas pools.

Before you go, check the pool’s hours and cover charges, which can vary greatly. Also make sure the pool is open to the public, some are for hotel guests only. You can do so at the links below.  

The resorts with topless pools are: Caesars Palace, Encore, FlamingoGreen Valley Ranch, MirageRio, Stratosphere, Venetian and Wynn.



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