Tattoo yourself with funky Halloween art

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zebraColor – A Salon by Michael Boychuck at Caesars Palace is about to make Halloween a lot more fun.

If you want to do something over the top this Halloween season, make your body a canvas with body painting. At Color, book a session with award-winning make-up and body paint artists who can create everything from a simple eye or face application to a full body masterpiece. Nothing here is ever too much. You can even have a painted-on corset if you like.

Here are the prices for the following services:

  • Cheetah, giraffe and zebra: Two hours, $500
  • Half Skeleton: 30 minutes, $200
  • Superhero eye mask: 30 minutes, $150
  • Hippy chick, half body halloweenneck(flower power): 30 minutes, $250
  • Muscles: 30 minutes, $250
  • Bunny nose, cuffs and legs: 30 minutes, $150
  • Painted-on leggings: 30 minutes, $150
  • Boudoir and thigh highs: Two hours, $500
  • Half-burned face: 30 minutes, $150
  • Fang bites: 15 minutes, $50
  • Zombie face: 30 minutes, $250
  • Zombie body: 30 minutes, $250
  • Slit throat: 30 minutes, $250
  • Bullet hole: 30 minutes, $100 (with exit wound, $500)
  • Black eye and scrapes: 30 minutes, $100
  • Beauty make up (think Marilyn Monroe or princess): 30 minutes, $150
  • Old age or witch: 45 minutes, $175

Make a statement this Halloween that’ll make all your friends jealous – or motivate them to join you. These look as realistic as the make-up you see in movies. You’ll be turning heads (and possibly win contests) at all the parties. Spooktacular!



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