Roy Horn celebrates his birthday at Secret Garden

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One of the many guests celebrating Roy Horn's birthday at the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage.

It’s not every day you get to go to a birthday party with lions, tigers and dolphins.

Roy Horn of the famous Las Vegas magician duo, Siegfried & Roy, celebrated his birthday at Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage last night. I had the opportunity to snap pictures of the pair, enjoy appetizers and see all of the wild animals.

During the party, I had a pleasant time walking through the lion and tiger garden with my fiancé. Every other time I have visited the habitat, almost all of the animals were sleeping. Since these big cats are nocturnal creatures, we got to see the tigers fight (playfully, of course!) and run across their grassy areas.

I suggest visiting the garden habitat closer to dusk since this is when you really get to see the cats play.

I also had a blast seeing the dolphins splash about in the water. I always enjoy seeing these playful and curious mammals. If only I could have these guys come to my birthday party — that would be the dream.

After enjoying a couple rounds of raspberry lemonade cocktails and risotto bites, we learned that Siegfried & Roy have a new movie, “Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box in IMAX 3-D” releasing this month. We had a chance to watch the first screening inside the Terry Fator Theater.


Siegfried & Roy not only celebrated a birthday last night, but also the release of their new IMAX 3-D movie.

Narrated by Anthony Hopkins, the 50-minute documentary shares the history of how Roy Horn and Siegfried Fischbacher got into show business.

The movie shows Horn’s love for animals and Fischbacher’s passion for magic at a young age. There were definitely plenty of entertaining points throughout the movie — especially learning how the duo met on a cruise line and watching them progress to the world-famous magicians they became. I also liked seeing the wild cats pop off the screen, thanks to the 3-D technology.

“The IMAX screen is 10 feet tall — I can’t even watch myself on television!” Fischbacher joked before the screening.

The night ended with the audience singing “Happy Birthday” to Horn in the theater and we had the chance to celebrate with delightful berry-filled birthday cake.

While the duo ended their show at the Mirage eight years ago, the spirit of Siegfried & Roy definitely lives on. And just walking through the Secret Garden reminds us of the impact these entertainers had on the Las Vegas Strip.


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