Glam up your Halloween in Vegas

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AMP make-up specialist Diane Buzzetta creates a dramatic red and black smoky eye for model/ staff writer Caroline Fontein (Photo by Ryan Shewchuk).

You want to have the best look for Halloween. Your costume is all set, but if you really want the complete glitter and glam, wouldn’t it make sense to go all out with your hair and make-up, too? Halloween is the holiday to do it.

Celebrity hair colorist Michael Boychuck offers a salon makeover package to give clients that extra wow factor for the Halloween weekend. From Thursday, Oct. 27 through Monday, Oct. 31, Boychuck’s renowned salons, COLOR inside Caesars Palace and AMP Salon at the Palms offer makeup and lash application, hair styling, a nail buff and polish change, all custom-styled to each individual’s Halloween attire.

 ”It’s fun because you get to do your hair, make-up and nails and go as dramatic as you want,” said Kate Stromberg, master stylist at COLOR. “You get everything from dramatic [to] more theatrical-type make-up or going out with extra glitter.”

ampStromberg said it’s a good idea to bring in images of things you like and dislike for a good reference point.  But even if you don’t know what you want, you’re still in good hands. “We can definitely take the lead and guide the client to their comfort zone and figure out what their concept is,” she said.

People can bring in their own rhinestones and lashes, but the salon also provides these materials. Foundation (and some of the eye make-up) is airbrushed so it can last all evening. “You’ll be locked and loaded,” said Stromberg.

The concept of this Halloween package is to make you look glam, sexy and accentuate your beauty, not hide it.

“We always recommend if you’re going to be a witch or vampire, lightening or whitening the face doesn’t necessarily look that great all the time,” she said.

amp_outsideMake-up artists can tweak the look with a bronzer or blush and create a dramatic smoky eye instead. Vampires can have a little “blood” dripping from the corner of the mouth for a more intense effect. They can even stencil different patterns on the skin with an airbrush.

These make-up artists have created all sorts of looks in the past. “There’s everything from bullet wounds to the gory stuff, or [a] pretty butterfly — it’s really quite a wide range,” Stromberg said.

So how much fun does the make-up artist have doing these?

“It’s great — all the technicians love events like this because you can really put out your creative side to the table,” Stromberg said.  

Diane Buzzetta, the make-up specialist at AMP Salon who worked on my friend (and co-worker), Caroline Fontein created all sorts of looks ranging from cats, lions, a geisha and even a Morticia (from Addam’s Family) for a wedding. Buzzetta mentioned that special occasions are fun for stylists because they don’t have to worry about putting on “too much” make-up.

“There are a lot of tricks and cool stuff we can do,” said Stromberg. ”And with Vegas Halloween, it’s like a four-day thing. They go all out.”  


Before and after shot of Halloween make-up package.

The Halloween transformation is only $135. To me, this really is an awesome deal. Imagine sitting back, relaxing and not worrying about the hours of doing your hair and make-up. The process takes about an hour, so it won’t tie up too much of your day. On top of all this, you’ll be turning heads all night.

To make an appointment for the Halloween package at COLOR Salon, call 1 (866) 730-7791. To schedule an appointment at AMP Salon, call (702) 942-6909.

Check out the incredible work done by Vicki Lau-Miller (hair) and Diane Buzzetta (make-up). These ladies make “bad” look so good. (All photos taken by Ryan Shewchuk.)


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