Flashback Friday: Osmondmania

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Donny and Marie OsmondToday we flash back to 1974 and the height of Osmondmania with a picture of Donny and Marie Osmond performing at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. This was not their first appearance in Las Vegas. When Donny was just 7, he (and his brothers)  appeared onstage at the Sahara with Shirley Bassey.  Donny and Marie first appeared together in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace in 1973. Thirty-six years later, they are again appearing together now at the Flamingo Las Vegas.

Their long history in Vegas has given the two a unique perspective on Vegas and Vegas entertainment. In an interview with VEGAS.com, Donny Osmond remarked on all the changes in Vegas, saying:

 “It’s gotten bigger – that’s for sure. Entertainment is entertainment. Obviously the production value has gotten huge and I think a lot of people have learned that, yes, we’ve raised the bar. But what Marie and I have tried to accomplish here is bring back a little bit of traditional Vegas where it’s not just production, but there’s personality – and that’s what we’ve tried to create here at the Flamingo. Yeah, we give them a lot of the dancing and the lights and the multimedia and sound and everything, but there are times where we just sit down and sing and try to give them what we were raised on – and that is variety.”

Click here to read this interview with Donny Osmond in a PDF.

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