Five great salons in Las Vegas

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Just about every hotel spa in Las Vegas offers first-class salon services. You really can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a haircut, blowout, manicure, pedicure, spray tan services and so on.  For a full list of salons in Las Vegas, click here.

Here are a handful of our favorites:


Color – A Salon by Michael Boychuck

Location: Caesars Palace

This 5,000-square-foot salon at Caesars Palace offers everything from eyelash extensions to a personalized shopping service. Colorist to the stars Michael Boychuck’s clients include celebrities like Mandy Moore, Jennie Garth and Paris Hilton. The salon features sparkling crystal chandeliers, vintage Fendi fixtures and a gray, white and metallic silver color scheme throughout.


Cristophe Salon of Beverly Hills

Location: MGM Grand

Designed for a sophisticated clientele,  Cristophe Salon is an intimate and modern setting with natural lighting. Cristophe is considered an icon of the hair business with high profile clientele including Liv Tyler, Mariah Carey, Pamela Anderson, former President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton. One of five in the country, the MGM Grand salon offers haircuts, blowouts, manicures, pedicures and more to cater to their clients’ needs.


Kim Vo Salon

Location: The Palms

Vogue Magazine’s “Best blonder in the business” Kim Vo offers glamorous hair and makeup design at his self-named salon in the Palms. With celebrity clients like rumored-to-soon-to-be Vegas headliner Britney Spears, Katherine Heigel and Dakota Fanning, Vo is a pioneer in the use of vegetable-based hair color and offers all the latest hair technology for cuts, treatments, color, extensions, makeup, nail services and more.


The Art of Shaving

Locations: Mandalay PlaceCanal ShoppesFashion Show MallMiracle Mile Shops

Men have hair too. Unless, of course, they’re bald. But even then, they still usually have some hair growing on their face (and sometimes growing in their noses, ears and on top of their big toe …) That’s where the Art of Shaving comes in. At this masculine enclave in Mandalay Place, men can treat themselves to a royal shave including a hot towel treatment, warm shaving cream and a masterfully performed shave. Haircuts are also available.

Spa Mio

Location: M Resort

We’re partial to the salon at Spa Mio because each shampoo station comes with a Shiatsu back-massaging chair (as if the heavenly shampooing head massage wasn’t enough!) Pedicure chairs also includes a gentle, compressed-air massage. The salon offers hair styling, coloring, barber services and more.


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