Competitors spin to win in fabulous ‘Sign’ City Las Vegas

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Marketers everywhere are familiar with the concept of adding some spin. AArrow, Inc. takes that concept and turns it on its head.

The guerrilla marketing firm’s sign spinners turn advertising into a mixture of sport and performance art. They also give those of us with desk jobs yet another reason to feel ridiculously lazy.

You’ve undoubtedly watched these guys and gals spinning signs on the street corners while you were stuck at a red light, but as AArrow, Inc. COO Mike Kenny puts it: “You probably haven’t seen the guys tossing it up in the air like a helicopter, doing a handstand and then catching the sign between their legs.”

Starting tomorrow, you can see all that and more on the Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas as more than 75 sign spinners from all around the world convene for the Sixth Annual World Sign Spinning Championships. Spinners from Croatia, Peru, South Korea, Australia, Las Vegas and more will show off their moves, competing for a chance to be crowned the best AArrow Sign Spinner in the world.

AArrow’s top spinners train all year long to develop secret tricks for the competition, which moved to Vegas last year.

“We fell in love with the energy and enthusiasm that we found here,” said Kenny. “Vegas is the perfect place for the World Sign Spinning Championships, as the city appreciates our flash and talent more than any other city.”

Check out these spinning sensations for free in front of 1st Street Stage starting at 2 p.m. on Feb. 22 and noon on Feb. 23.



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