Chocolate: All grown up

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chocolate3Whoever thought of combining peanut butter and jelly was a genius. But beer and chocolate? Now that’s just taking flavor mixing to a whole different level!

Beer chocolates, ethel’s newest collection, combine two of our longtime favorites.  The beer chocolates come in three distinct flavors: The first piece is a dark ale ganache with flavors of smoky chipotle in dark chocolate. The second is a stout brew in milk chocolate and the third is a dark ale ganache with a hint of citrus zest in milk chocolate adorned with yellow cocoa butter. Just thinking about these make my mouth water.

The best part? You don’t have to hide these treats from your kids. Since the alcohol content is burned off during the cooking of the ganache centers, everyone can have a bite (or two).

If you want to jazz up your taste buds even more, ethel’s has combined the new beer chocolates with the classic chewy caramels (in dark and milk chocolate)  and ethel’s signature buttery pecan brittle.

Made fresh in town, the beer and brittle collection offers three different assortments:

  • Six pieces of beer chocolates, three pieces of pecan brittle and six chewy caramels ($22).  
  • Six pieces of beer chocolates and six chewy caramels ($16)
  •  Six pieces of beer chocolates paired with three pieces of pecan brittle ($16)

This limited-time collection is offered through October 31st. You can find an ethel’s inside Fashion Show Mall or at ethel’s chocolate factory in Henderson.

Finally! Beer that won’t give you a hangover. And if you do happen to get a beer belly from eating all these chocolates, I believe it’s worth it. They won’t be selling these after October, so you can work it all off. But then you have your holiday treats…



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