Breakfast at Tiffany

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tiffany_mainThis morning I searched everywhere for my Tiffany & Co. bracelet.

Any other day, I usually don’t wear jewelry. But since today was the grand opening of the two-story Tiffany & Co. store inside Crystals, I wanted to don my jewelry for this very special occasion.

From an official ribbon cutting to models dressed like Audrey Hepburn’s character in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” what better way to celebrate the opening of one of the largest Tiffany stores in the country? If you’re a fan of Tiffany jewelry, then this 10,000-square-foot store will be like heaven.

“This is not a typical Tiffany store,” said Frank Visconti, president of retail at MGM Mirage.

tiffany_3Not only can you explore two whole floors of sparkling diamonds, exclusive collections and limited edition jewelry, but the front of the store has a huge floor-to-ceiling window offering a view of Las Vegas Boulevard. Next to the window, there is even a bench so you can sit and take everything in.

If you happen to catch a view from outside, look out for the store’s 85-foot-high glass facade that is shaped like a diamond. This is one Tiffany store that will not go unnoticed.

I know I don’t wear jewelry often. And I know this is probably the first time this year I’m wearing my Tiffany bracelet. But seeing all the bling makes me want to add to my collection…

(Photos taken by Aleza Freeman. For more pictures at CityCenter, click here.)



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