Beckley brings creativity and fun to shopping

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Goodies at Beckley boutique inside Cosmopolitan

What girl doesn’t like shopping?

Combine shopping, savory bites, hair and make-up touch-ups, style-consulting and free goodies and you have the party of the year.

My friend and I attended the Beckley shopping event at The Shops at Cosmopolitan last night and boy, did we have a blast. Not only were we showered with delicious appetizers (the chocolate push-pops and guava coconut sorbet were among my favorites) sparkling champagne and white wine, we also got to take home some fun goodies like sorbet-flavored lip gloss, a necklace with a glittery lightning bolt, lavender lotion, a bath ball and a cupcake. As soon as the crowd died down, we were able to get our hair and our make-up done by Los Angeles stylists from Warren – Tricomi and Luxe Beauty Team. After our session, it made me wish these gals were here to primp me up every day.

But even if you didn’t make it to the party, there’s still a ton of reasons to come check out this store. Aside from all the designer dresses, purses, jewelry, accessories and candles, you’ll have your own personal stylist assist you while trying on different outfits. The colorful, neo-hippie waiting area makes you want to sit here all day too.
Dressing room area inside Beckley

Another thing I like about this store is that while it’s high-end, it doesn’t seem uppity or stuffy in the least bit. While there are definitely some dresses here that are probably more than your rent, you’ll still feel at ease walking around and lo0king through everything.

See a piece of jewelry or hair accessory you like? The sales people are more than happy to let you try them on. You can see these dangly earrings I tried on at the hotel’s grand opening (and read more about Beckley and the Cosmopolitan shops) here. And since we can’t have more than enough little black dresses, you’ll find a whole rack of them here.

Beckley Las Vegas store owner and Las Vegas native Melissa Richardson Akkaway currently has two stores in Los Angeles. When Cosmopolitan opened, she decided to come back to her roots. Ready for a fun fact? Her family a few generations back owned a store in Las Vegas as well. Way to keep the tradition going!



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