10 Days ’til 10-10-10

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A perfect 10. A dime. When someone or something is deemed a 10, that means they’ve really got it going on.

With 10-10-10 (Oct. 10, 2010) only 10 days away, Vegas celebrates this once-in-our-lifetime in style. With participating properties like Caesars Palace and Hard Rock, Vegas takes 10-10-10 to a whole new level.

Caesars Palace

ringIf you’ve ever been to Caesars Palace, chances are you’ve seen the moving statues at the Forum Shops. But on 10-10-10, you will get the chance to see a different kind of show-stopper.

On this day at 10:10 a.m., 10 couples will pronounce their love with a simultaneous engagement at the Trevi Fountain in front of the Forum Shops. In addition, Las Vegas performer and the event’s emcee Donny Osmond will re-propose to his wife of more than 30 years.

After the couples say yes, Osmond will escort these couples to Tiffany & Co. for a ring consultation and a special champagne toast.

Winning a special 10-10-10 contest (in which more than 200 couples entered), these lucky 10 couples also received an all-expense paid trip to Vegas and lavish wedding gifts. Valued at about $900, the couples each received items like a state-of-the-art camera, apparel, home décor, bath products, chocolate and wedding-related goodies. Couples also received a two-night stay at Caesars Palace, dinner at The Palm restaurant and a special event at Pure nightclub.

We all know Vegas has its share of crazy and bizarre stories. But for once, I find it refreshing (not to mention incredibly romantic) that we can witness something that sounds like a fairy tale. With 10 being the perfect number, I’m sure these couples will live together “happily ever after.”

Hard Rock

spa10Even if you’re not the hopeless romantic like I am, you can certainly still celebrate this special day and treat yourself with fun specials available throughout the property at the Hard Rock Hotel. From spa and retail to dining and gaming options, you can pick your perfect combo to make your day a 10. Here’s the breakdown:

Reliquary Spa: Pay only $10 to enjoy relaxation lounge and wet spa areas or relax with a 50-minute Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage for $110.

BRANNONHAIR: Enjoy a $10 manicure at BrannonHair with the purchase of a pedicure.

The Hard Rock Store: Stock up on $10 Hard Rock hotel logo hats and t-shirts.

Love Jones: For those feeling a bit frisky, receive a free tickler with any $10 purchase.

Starbucks: If you’re down to spare a few bucks alone on coffee, you’ll spring for $10 premium bottles of wine.

Rare 120: $10 specialty cocktails and appetizers in the lounge.

The Pink Taco: $10 tacos specials and a Bud Light Lime.

Mr. Lucky’s 24/7: Any specialty burger and a Bud Light for $10.

Johnny Smalls: 10 Cane Mojitos for $10.

Ago: Have your pick of 10 fabulous wines for $10 per glass.

In addition to spa, restaurant and retail specials, the casino will offer several promotions with slots, blackjack, poker, craps, roulette and more. (Note:  These are only valid for those 21 years and older. Gratuity is not included.)

No matter how you decide to spend your 10-10-10, make the most of it because you’ll only live through it once. Now grab your dime (by that we mean your fine honey) and come to Vegas to celebrate!


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