Diving the dream in ‘Le Rêve’ at Wynn Las Vegas

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Vegas Expert Nicole Lucht scuba dives into Le Rêve – The Dream’s underworld as part of the Vegas show’s Diver’s Dream experience at Wynn Las Vegas.

Concentrating on my breathing, I tried to focus as one of my tour guides described a fire ring submerged underwater. My exhaled bubbles of air competed with the sound of his voice as he spoke through a mask.
Looking at the gauge attached to my vest, I could see the needle hadn’t budged much. I was feeling overwhelmed, but knew this was not the time to panic. When Marcus finished explaining the fire ring, I looked at my dive buddy, who asked me through hand signals if I understood, if all was OK. Signaling back “OK,” we swam on.

This isn’t a dive off a submerged volcano in Indonesia. I’m 20 feet below water on the Las Vegas Strip, backstage at “Le Rêve — The Dream” at Wynn Las Vegas.

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