Terry Fator’s Special Guest

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This is just another reason why I love Las Vegas. Last night I went to see Terry Fator at the Mirage with my mom. Midway through the show, after Fator just finished singing a Micheal Bublé song called “Home,” he announced a fellow entertainer who happened to be at the show, Tony Orlando.

Everyone in the audience started cheering and Orlando came on stage. Orlando explained that he was recently in Iraq and that one of the soldiers that he met asked if he knew Terry Fator and if he could get tickets for his wife to see the show. Well, Orlando kept his word and he introduced the soldier’s wife, Mrs. Cook, who was seated in the audience with her children. It was a really touching moment, and everyone got on their feet for a standing ovation. Then Orlando stayed on stage to perform two of his hit songs “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” and “Knock Three Times.”

Orlando is a little before my time so I don’t really know any of his songs, but my mom loved it. In fact, everyone in the audience loved it. People were clapping and singing along to every verse. Being able to share that special surprise with the audience was an awesome experience that only happened because Orlando was in Vegas to perform at the South Point over the weekend.

You just never know what fun surprise is in store for you on a night out in Vegas. Watch the video to see Orlando’s special tribute.



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