MUS.I.C. to dance to: Jabbawockeez make a home in Vegas

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Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts International

Tourists and locals are in for a treat. Back by popular demand,  the dancers of the world-famous crew Jabbawockeez are bringing their popular show, “MUS.I.C.” to Monte Carlo as a permanent headliner.

Starting Thursday, Oct. 7, Jabbawockeez will perform 9:30 p.m. Tuesday – Saturday. Missed their performances this past summer at MGM Grand? Now you’ll have a lot more opportunities to watch the artistic hip-hop troupe deliver the eclectic moves we all know and love.

It seems like I can’t get enough of the hype either. Not only did I have a couple of opportunities to meet them in person (including an interview with Jabbawockeez dancer Kevin Brewer), I also got the chance to see “MUS.I.C.” earlier this summer. Let me tell you — these guys have a lot of skills. Not only do they embrace their hip-hop and B-Boy roots, they also carry a hypnotizing theatrical feel, especially when dancing to instrumental cuts produced by the Bangerz crew.  And with the white masks and on-point synchronization, you really feel like you’re watching hip-hop mimes.

In a nutshell, “MUS.I.C.” truly feels like a dream.Words can’t express what goes on in the show. It’s just one of those you have to watch. Now we can finally say that they’re here to stay — and that’s what I call a dream come true.

To read more about the Jabbawockeez and other dance-related shows in town, click here. You can also read about the Jabbawockeez’ recent appearance in Vegas here.

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