Lance Burton’s birds are lucky ducks

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In his show at the Monte Carlo hotel in Las Vegas, master magician Lance Burton performs several illusions with doves, parakeets, pigeons, ducks, geese and a chicken.

Burton (who recently broke his foot and will return to the stage after June 1) may have hatched this show idea based on personal experience. The first magician he ever saw happened to have white doves in his act.

So does Burton consider these feathered friends, including an adorable baby chicken named Priscilla, as performers or pets?

Turns out, it’s both. After an evening of appearing and disappearing, diverting attention and generally ‘quacking’ up the audience Burton’s birds take their bow then retire to their nest backstage.

“When I first came to Las Vegas I didn’t have that many, just the doves and the parakeet, so I took them back and forth with me every night,” said Burton. “But they kept laying eggs and as the menagerie grew, that became impractical. Now they have their own living quarters at the hotel.”

Looks like Burton’s doves, parakeets, pigeons, ducks, geese and chicken have come home to roost on the Las Vegas Strip.

Aleza Freeman

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