Lance Burton signs on for six more magical years

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Lance Burton
won’t be disappearing from the Las Vegas entertainment scene anytime soon.

Mayor Oscar Goodman, magician Lance Burton and Monte Carlo President Anton Nikodemus

Burton signed on today for another six years as the headlining magician at the Monte Carlo. He has been performing at the hotel in the Lance Burton Theater for the past 13 years.

Burton, who broke his foot during a performance on May 7, wore a leg brace as he signed his new contract during a press conference at BRAND Steakhouse in the Monte Carlo. He has been confined to bed rest since the accident and will return to the stage on Tuesday, July 7. Burton told the press he wished he could make his leg injury magically disappear.

“We are thrilled to sign Lance Burton for another run,” said Anton Nikodemus, president and COO of the Monte Carlo. “We have spent the last two years introducing new energy into Monte Carlo with exciting offerings … and a newly remodeled casino floor. The thousands of visitors soon to grace our doors, some maybe for the first time, will introduce a whole new audience to Lance’s magical entertainment.”

After signing the contract, Burton jokingly made Nikodemus’ pen magically disappear and reappear. Nikodemus then tucked the pen away safely in his pocket.

Burton signs

Lance Burton signs on for six more years at the Monte Carlo as the hotel's president Anton Nikodemus looks on.

Next, Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman presented Burton with a proclamation, officially naming July 7 as Lance Burton Day. He also gave the iconic magician what he called a lucky chip that only the mayor can bestow.

Burton recalled the first time he was called an icon was when he was asked to pose in a photograph with Clint Black at the Country Music Awards. The photographer said he wanted to take a photo of a country music legend and a Vegas magic icon.

At the time, he joked with Black, that legend and icon were code for “old guys.”

Burton will return with a new performance schedule at 7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

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