Solar powered DJ booth more than just fun in the sun

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palms solar power boothIn Las Vegas, there is no shortage of certain things: Beer, babes, pool parties …

There is also no shortage of sun.

Now, a Las Vegas-based nightlife and hospitality company has found a way to draw on Las Vegas’ natural excess of sun to guarantee even more beer, babes and pool parties.

N9NE Group recently unveiled Las Vegas’ first solar-powered DJ booth during Ditch Fridays at the Palms Pool and Bungalows. The booth, built by Sustainable Waves, uses Sharp solar panels to harness power and Outback inverters to convert it into 110 volts of electricity. 

Miller Lite also sponsors the booth and all the banners advertising Miller around the Palms pool are printed on a biodegradable vinyl.

The solar powered booth is just one of the creative methods businesses in Las Vegas are utilizing to reduce their carbon footprint.  There are many green initiatives in place behind the scenes at some of the largest resorts in Las Vegas. The Palms Resort even has its own green blog. For more tips on being green while vacationing in Vegas, click here.



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