May the 4th Be With You at House of Blues in Vegas

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Jedi Masters will enjoy a night of “Star Wars”-themed delicacies, costume contests and mild incest during an inter-galactic May the 4th Be With You party starting at 8p.m. on Saturday, May 4  in Crossroads at House of Blues.

The party will feature a DJ, screenings of the original version of “Star Wars Episode IV” and food and drinks specials including Millennium Falcon Nachos, Dagobah Swampfish (catfish bites), Yodaritas and the Han Shot First shot.

“Star Wars” costumes are encouraged, though masks and face paint are not permitted in the casino, so keep them off until you are inside House of Blues or Mandalay Bay reserves the right to cut off your hand with a light saber*.

*Mandalay Bay DOES NOT reserve the right to cut off your hand with a light saber

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ... House of Blues Las Vegas decided to celebrate Star Wars Day with a party known throughout the galaxy by the name of May the 4th Be With You.



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