Despite electronic music boom, hip-hop still bumping strong in Las Vegas music scene

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Flo-Rida performs at dj David Guetta's "F*** Me I'm Famous" party at Haze Nightclub on May 29.

Flo-Rida performs at dj David Guetta's "F*** Me I'm Famous" party at Haze Nightclub on May 29.

The electronic music scene has slowly begun to take over Las Vegas. But in a not too distant past, tourists could walk into any club in town and quickly be immersed in classic hip-hop like Run-DMC, Tupac, Naughty By Nature and Wu Tang Clan mixed in with newer artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West and Eminem.

Nowadays Top 40 or house music get top billing, but once in awhile you head out to the Las Vegas Strip looking for some classic hip-hop, without the electronic music samplings in the background.

You won’t have to put out a search party to find hip-hop music in Las Vegas, but we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite stomps and nights to make things easier.

Classic hip-hop in Las Vegas starts with Lavo at the Palazzo. The sister nightclub to Tao has embraced the classic beats of hip-hop with Old School Wednesdays. Names like Doug E. Fresh and Rev Run have grabbed the mic to remind flocks of partygoers of what hip-hop used to be. Additionally, DJ Vice brings his acclaimed weekly show to Lavo on Sundays and if you’ve ever seen Vice spin at  Tao or Marquee, you know he’s no stranger to hip-hop.

Moon is known to have random performances by artists like Snoop, while DJs like Clinton Sparks and DJ Jazzy Jeff get behind the turntables playing your favorite hip-hop jams. Moon does, however, feature a large stable of DJs, which includes a handful of the electronic variety so if you’re jonesing for hip-hop just double check who’s on the lineup before heading out.

Hip hop is the go-to music at Crown Nightclub. You’ll find a lot of newer hip-hop with some old-school jams mixed in as well. If you’re looking for something to do before normal nightclub hours, Crown also features live shows on most nights and has seen acts like Digital Underground grace the stage.

Talk about a venue set up for hip-hop. Whether it’s one of the resident DJs like DJ IKON or a superstar performance from artists such as Wyclef Jean, the crowd always has a front-row seat to the action. VIP booths sit near the DJ booth, which doubles as a stage for performances, and along the second level. If you don’t grab a booth, don’t fret, there is plenty of room between the dance floor and second level to find a great view.

Hip-hop star Drake is just one of the many names that has performed at Chateau Nightclub since it opened in March.

Hip-hop star Drake is just one of the many names that has performed at Chateau Nightclub since it opened in March.

One of the newest clubs on the Strip is gaining steam with its memorable performances. Since Chateau opened in March, hip-hop artists like Drake, Nikki Minaj, Flo Rida and T-Pain have performed here and the club has names like Nas lined up for the summer.

Jet likes to mix today’s hottest artists and music with a taste of yesterday’s big names. Nelly performed here after dropping his latest album and during the month of May artists like Chingy, Lloyd Banks and Fabolous grabbed the mic.

Don’t let the name and flashing lights fool you, if hip-hop lost its home in some of Las Vegas’ nightclubs it just relocated to Vanity. You’ll hear plenty of Top 40 here, but that doesn’t mean putting Justin Bieber on repeat. Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Lil Jon and more of today’s artists get plenty of play, while crowd favorites like “California Love,” by Dr. Dre and Tupac get mixed in.

When you see a name like Lil Jon as a resident DJ you know what kind of music to expect. Known for his lyrics on songs like “Lovers and Friends,” with Usher and “Shots,” with LMFAO, Lil Jon spins once a month at Surrender where he plays hip-hop party music that keeps the poolside club rocking into the night.



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