Test your Vegas IQ: Door handles

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The first thing you see when you walk into a casino isn’t the slot machines or the blackjack tables. It’s
the door handles. Many casinos have chosen to create custom door handles that leave a memorable impression on guests and help express the theme of the casino.

Here at the VEGAS.com headquarters, a door handle is merely a door handle, so my colleague Kristine McKenzie and I decided to venture down to the Las Vegas Strip to get our custom fixture fix. Below are the photos we took of door handles from six different Las Vegas casinos. Guess which door handle belongs to which casino — if you handle it (hardy har). The answers are listed at the bottom.








ANSWERS: 1. Mandalay Bay; 2. Hard Rock; 3. New York-New York; 4. Luxor; 5. Terrible’s; 6. Venetian.



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