Test your Vegas IQ: Carpet

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Las Vegas casinos are famous for their brightly colored, flashy (and, some might even argue, tasteless) carpeting. Some people reason that the loud casino carpet patterns help mask the dirt that comes from thousands of people walking across it. Some have speculated that the choice of carpet is all a master plan by the casinos and that something about the crazy patterns actually encourages people to gamble.  

One morning, my colleague Kristine McKenzie and I headed down to the Las Vegas Strip to check out this phenomenon for ourselves. After losing all our lunch money at the slots (we just couldn’t seem to control ourselves) we returned to the VEGAS.com headquarters with several photos of the floor. Can you guess which Las Vegas casino each sample belongs to? Look out below for the answers:








ANSWERS: 1. Excalibur; 2. MGM Grand; 3. Slots O’ Fun; 4. Wynn; 5. Paris; 6. Planet Hollywood



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