Caesars has VIP villas with a view and renovated pool complex

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VIP European-themed villas in the Octavius Tower overlook the newly renovated Garden of the Gods pool complex at Caesars Palace (opening to the public in March). The main pool, also known as the Temple pool, is pictured above.

Although construction on the Octavius Tower at Caesars Palace was completed last year, the 665-room, 71-suite building did not open due to the shaky economy.

However, four plush European-themed villas inside the tower, designed by Wilson Associates, did open for business (and pleasure) and are currently being reserved for the most VIP of high rollers.

The villas overlook the hotel’s renovated 5-acre Garden of the Gods pool deck, which is set to debut in March.

The existing pools (Temple, Venus and Neptune) have undergone some repairs, renovations and resurfacing, but the major change is the addition of five new pools, a major expansion for the area. Each pool offers its own experience and vibe, based on level of sun exposure, type of music and general ambience. The azure-colored deck chairs and daybeds as well as the cabanas throughout the complex were designed by Allard and Conversano.

Caesars hopes that the pool area will offer something for everyone.


An 18-foot wall of water surrounds a portion of the Fortuna pool in the Caesars Palace Garden of the Gods pool complex.

The new pools are as follows:

  • Apollo: This is the spot for bronzing. Guests will get full sun exposure at this pool, which is tucked away on the southwest side of the pool area, between the Octavius Tower and the convention area.
  • Fortuna: An 18-foot wall of water surrounds a portion of the Fortuna pool, a party pool, which features swim-up blackjack and a full bar.
  • Jupiter: Serene and secluded, guests will find a small staircase (five stairs) leading up to this pool, located on the northwest side of the pool area. Jupiter will feature spa treatments, poolside massages and plenty of comfy seating.
  • Bacchus: Reserved for private parties, invited guests and celebrities, two pools comprise this VIP area, which overlooks the entire Garden of the Gods complex. There is also a hot tub and several plush cabanas, offering butler service.

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