Fabrik Fridays adds feminine flair to Vegas steakhouse

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There’s something about the word steakhouse that sounds inherently masculine. Not to say that a woman can’t enjoy the heck out of a nice, juicy cut of steak. But the traditional steakhouse concept seems to exude testosterone.

A model shows off wares from the PUNKY collection.

Well, there’s very little that’s traditional about Vegas … and that includes the steakhouse.

Case in point: SHe by Morton’s. This elegant, modern steakhouse located in Crystals at CityCenter drips with femininity by incorporating fashion and entertainment into the fine dining, scrumptious steak mix. A 30-foot runway winds through the dining room. On a normal evening, sexy models are dancing around in lingerie while you dine on your delicious “she” cut, “he” cut or “we” cut.

And now on Fridays, known as Fabrik Fridays, those same lovely models are dressing up in trendy clothes by local designers and shops such as Molly Brown Swimwear, Eccoci, Coterie  and the PUNKY Collection to do their little turn on the catwalk. The fashion shows take place at 7, 9 and 11 p.m. and feature live sets by DJ Vixen, tasty fare including steak and seafood, and $9 Bacardi drink specials, such as Pink Lemonade or a Strawberry Basil Martini.

“It’s like dinner and a show,” says Carissa Villafana-Rowland, the restaurant’s general manager. “It’s not just for women. Men absolutely enjoy it. Even couples.”

I think we can all agree, this is not your father’s steakhouse. Though I’m willing to bet, he’d like it here too.


Models pose with PUNKY Collection designers Jesuan Ramos and Belmari Sifonte after their Fabrik Fridays show.

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