Vegas exhibit preserves traditions of Southern Mexico

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Fashion and family go hand in hand in the Family Flowers (Flores Familiares) exhibit on display at the Nevada State Museum throughout 2013. The exhibit showcases handmade, regional traditional costumes and intricately embroidered clothing made by Las Vegas folk artist Romeo Sigüenza, or handed down by his relatives.

Romeo and Anita Sigüenza

Each vibrantly colored piece on display is shrouded in significance, from the protective bird on the chest and back of a blouse (or huipil) made for Sigüenza’s daughter to gold coin jewelry representing the sun. Bilingual interpretive panels tell the story of this traditional art, which Sigüenza kept alive and well when he emigrated from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec to the United States.

“In Mexico, embroidery is a family vocation,” said Sigüenza in a press release. “You put the cloth in a big hoop, and everyone from the 7-year-old child to the 90-year-old grandmother sits around it and embroiders.”

Family Flowers / Flores Familiares
Where: Nevada State Museum
When: Thursday through Monday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
What: Traditional embroidery from Southern Mexico

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