Now rolling: The High Roller opens at The Linq Las Vegas

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You know that old saying from “Field of Dreams:” “If you build it, he will come?” Well, switch out “he” with “they” and you’ve got a very true statement about the High Roller at The Linq. The world’s tallest observation wheel officially opened its doors for business today, and a long line of eager tourists wrapped around the High Roller building eagerly awaiting their chance to ride.

The High Roller is comprised of 28 pods holding 40 passengers each. The smooth, 30-minute ride takes one full rotation and provides sweeping 360-degree views of the Las Vegas Strip and valley.

We had a chance to ride this morning and were blown away by the serene atmosphere inside the pod. The view is truly one-of-a-kind and it doesn’t feel crowded or stuffy. We can only imagine how gorgeous it must be at night when the neon is glowing in full force.

Here are some photos from our ride:

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