Avast, ye mateys – here be gingerbread!

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Through the many holiday seasons I have attempted to build a gingerbread house. But despite my best festive intentions, they all ended up looking like a shantytown for laid-off elves.

Where I may be gingerbread-challenged, Treasure Island’s executive pastry chef Debra Mitchell and her team are the five-star contractors of the holiday dessert world.

Working for more than 40 hours, Mitchell and her team have created the most awesome holiday gingerbread ever in the shape of Treasure Island’s famed pirate ship.

This amazing piece weighs 40 pounds and is 36 inches long, 15 inches wide and 29 inches tall. Sixty pounds of gingerbread dough was used to create the scene. Twenty pounds of isomalt was cooked to create the water and windows. Santa, reindeer and snowmen figures are all made of marzipan.

The gingerbread ship will be on display next to the Treasure Island Registration desk through Christmas. And you can see the full-scale version that inspired it outside nightly at the Sirens of TI free show.

Jennifer Whitehair

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